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Maryann Karinch

Maryann Karinch began her career in book publishing in 1994 with the publication of her first work of non-fiction and has followed it with 30 other commercially published works. In 2004, Maryann founded The Rudy Agency, a literary agency specializing in non-fiction.

The Rudy Agency has placed the work of more than 150 authors with 49 different publishers during that time. Most of those authors were first timers, but they came in with a professional commitment to hit high editorial standards and promote their books–and those are the kind of authors who are the prime audience for her new book with Armin Lear, Game Plan for Getting Published

After coaching many of her authors through the proposal writing process, and guiding them through the launch of their books, she decided to share the process she has taught them in Game Plan for Getting Published.

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