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Body Talk Animated

Body Talk Animated
James O. Pyle and Maryann Karinch


Parents, teachers, school psychologists, and—most importantly—big kids reviewed Body Talk Animated and love it. Why?

It’s a FUN way to learn body language:

Face                 Upper body                  Navel down

And after you get good with the FUN stuff, you explore the world of animated films—and learn body language from cars that have eyes, cats that fight duels, and an octopus who drives a truck!

Illustrations show what certain facial expressions and body movements mean to most people.

Exercises you can do by yourself and with friends and family help you create your own, personalized body language book.

IMPORTANT sections help you know more about when to trust someone and when to back away. You will also get good at knowing what your own body language tells other people about your mood and intentions. In other words, you’ll get much better at communicating.

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