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Countering Antisemitism & Hate

Countering Antisemitism & Hate
by Lynne Azarchi


A How-To Guide for Youth (8-18), Family & Educators

Authors Lynne Azarchi, author of The Empathy Advantage and Dr. Harlene Lichter Galen, offer this thought at the opening of the book:

“Let’s heed the need to prepare our children to stop the cycles of hate, tropes, and stereotypes.

“As staunch believers in Tikkun Olam, Jews also have the responsibility of ‘repairing the world.’ So, we are obligated to report both antisemitism and other biases in schools, workplaces and in our communities. Hatemongers and bullies need to learn consequences and boundaries.

“Jewish adults have one additional duty—to role model courage and persistence in building a culture of repelling and thwarting antisemitism. Then when our children are adults, they will have a better chance of commanding more kindness and respect and living openly and proudly with others as Jews.”

Lynne Azarchi is the former Executive Director of Kidsbridge Youth Center—a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering bullying prevention, empathy, anti-bias, anti-racism and empowerment skills for students.  At Kidsbridge, the only evidence-based center dedicated solely to youth in the country, Lynne has managed the education of more than 35,000 children/teens.

Harlene Lichter Galen volunteers as the chairperson of Kidsbridge Youth Center’s Education Committee. There she draws upon her diversified career in education, encompassing teaching preschoolers through college graduate students and writing published in educational journals and books. Harlene is the co-author of The Child Development Associate National Program: The Early Years and Pioneers.

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