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Trial, Error, and Success

Trial, Error, and Success
by Sima Dimitrijev, PhD


Publication date was April 8, 2021.

Everything in nature evolves by trial and error. Uncertainty is inherent in trials and knowing how to deal with it proactively creates advantages for you every day. This book gives you ways to combine knowledge with efficient thinking and emotional intelligence to make the most of uncertainty—particularly in your professional world.

Trial, Error, and Success steps beyond the illusion of certainty to account for both chances and causes in our indeterministic world, which is neither perfectly predictable nor perfectly uncertain. Abandoning the traditional view that nature is governed by the laws of physics, the main premise of the book is that everything in nature evolves by trial-and-error processes.

The consequences of not understanding and not accepting the randomness and imperfections in nature are twofold: (1) unnecessary surprises due to false expectations and (2) lost opportunities to utilize the positive effects of random events.

The book presents a framework of insights to help you navigate the uncertainties of daily workplace challenges and make the most of them. Practical benefits are

· new knowledge to help you sense a potential problem in advice or expertise,

· sharpened intelligence so that you can crystallize relevant questions, and

· improved emotional intelligence to deal with the questions in a way that helps your team.

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