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The Most Dangerous Business Book You’ll Ever Read

The Most Dangerous Business Book You’ll Ever Read
by Phillip C. “Dr. Phil” McGraw, PhD


From the Foreword

The Most Dangerous Business Book You’ll Ever Read. Now that is a provocative title and I’ll bet it made you ask yourself a lot of questions. Dangerous for whom? In what way? Will the results be dangerous? All valid questions that I can respond to with just one answer before you proceed any further.

“If you continue on and read this book, if you learn the principles and adopt the behaviors set forth in these pages you are going to change. You are going to alter the way you exist in this world personally and professionally. You are going to generate different results than you have been creating for yourself and your family up until now.”

The book is dangerous because it tells you how to get what you want.

It tells you how to acquire and apply powerful human behavior skills to a broad range of situations.

Who uses these skills? Good guys and bad guys.

Military and civilian intelligence operatives must persuade people, coordinate actions, and sharpen team performance. In daily life, whether you’re negotiating a business deal or trying to stage a protest at your state capitol, these skills give you a superior advantage.

What do you learn in this book? Among other things:

  • How to sort personalities so you know who and what they are drawn to and repelled by.
  • Predict how people will behave when challenged or under stress.
  • Form specific goals and execute tactics designed to get your team to reach their potential.
  • Identify behaviors that are covertly antagonistic and how to act upon them.
  • Sort out competitors from potential allies—and create the right approach for dealing with each.


Greg Hartley, co-star of the popular show The Behavior Panel, combines deep expertise of how business works with equal expertise in how people work. He is a frequent guest on national television shows.

Greg was an Arabic speaking interrogator who deployed as interrogation and language support for a Special Forces A Team in Operation Desert Storm. As an instructor and subject matter expert for body language and behavior Greg was awarded the peer granted Knowlton Award.

The co-author with Maryann Karinch of ten books on body language and human behavior, Greg has appeared on every major network. While maintaining his credentials in the human behavior field as an author and speaker Greg has expanded his knowledge of human behavior to the corporate world through a stellar career as a Business Improvement Executive and General Manager.


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