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The Eight Sources of Power

A Tale of Leading with Purpose
by David C. Bauman


The book is a historically-based story that follows Tao and his four classmates as they join the Siam Leadership Academy in Ayutthaya, the capital of Siam (modern day Thailand).

In 1687, Ayutthaya is more populous than London and full of foreign and local intrigue. The academy founder Mongkut teaches the students eight sources of power that arise from pursuing a purpose shared by others. These sources of power contrast with those derived from holding a position with authority.

The Power of Invitation
The Power of the Open Hand
The Power of Praxis
The Power of Framing
The Power of Substitution
The Power of Solidarity
The Power of Building the Wheel
The Power of Patience
The Purpose

A veteran of several Fortune 250 companies, David C. Bauman, PhD is now a Professor of Business and the Chair of the Undergraduate Business Department at Regis University. He teaches Ethical Decision Making in Business and Entrepreneurship.

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