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by Steven Yellin


Publication date was August 29, 2020.

Golfers live in a world of continual experimentation. Every week, and sometimes every day, they are trying new things to improve their game. They are in search of the Holy Grail.
What are they searching for? Timing. Timing is the Holy Grail, producing fluid motion, but elusive and almost impossible to teach.

Until now.

In a revolutionary book that is sure to change how coaches explain and players play, Steven Yellin’s SIMPLICITY teaches a simple and powerful program that allows golfers to enter the Zone.

There is one process in the mind that, when accessed, produces career rounds and major championship victories. The only problem is athletes never know when it will show up, how long it will last and when it does leave, how to get it back.

SIMPLICITY teaches golfers how to access that process by design.

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