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Orgasm Matters

Orgasm Matters
by Steve Bodansky, PhD


Publication date was March 4, 2021.

Steve Bodansky, PhD is known for the groundbreaking work in extended massive orgasm that he has done with his wife of several decades, Dr. Vera Bodansky. In this book, he guides the reader to healthy, satisfying sexual pleasure through explicit instruction–and humor.

ORGASM MATTERS belongs in every intimate relationship:

Steve and Vera Bodansky’s work on orgasm is the most accurate, helpful, practical, and insightful work on this subject that one is likely to find anywhere. I highly recommend this book.

Christiane Northrup, MD The New York Times bestselling author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

Another outstanding book by Steve Bodansky on the benefits of pleasure, how to create orgasm with a partner, self-pleasuring and more.
Francoise Devresse, Welcomed Consensus
The book goes beyond the moment of bliss and into how orgasm is part of our vital life force.
Betsy Blankenbaker, Author, Autobiography of an Orgasm

A joy to read. This book is not only insightful, but it is also an incredibly practical approach to expanding our collective perception of pleasure!
—Gia Lynne, Author, On Blossoming: Frank and Practical Advice on Our Bodies, Sexual Health, Sensuality, Pleasure, Orgasm and More

“What I learned from Steve and Vera changed my life and improved my marriage tremendously. The ideas and practices in this book will transform your sex and your relationship.”

-Dave Ellis, Author, Becoming a Master Student

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