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Heart of a Stuntman

Heart of a Stuntman
by Kevin Ball


Publication date is December 16, 2022.

Kevin Ball enjoyed a highly successful career as a Hollywood stuntman–and then discovered that the action he really craved was where human beings struggled to survive. HEART OF A STUNTMAN brings his adventures as a humanitarian with NGOs to life.

Here is a taste of what he found in the field:


Cambodia is one of the most heavily mined locations on the planet. Clean water wells, medical facilities, and schools are often accessible only by a small foot path leading directly through a live landmine field. Deviation from these paths can lead to maiming or death.


A snowy runway in Kosovo, still pockmarked by war, accepted us onto its frozen tarmac. Littering the country, unexploded cluster bombs still threatened the citizens daily. The HALO Trust was in a desperate battle with the elements and with international governing voices to clear this deadly refuge of war .


The hidden village of K’ekchi’ Indians, deep in the jungles of Guatemala was desperate for dental care. International Health Emissaries invited us to help reach these people, spotlighting a frightening reality: When you can’t eat due to decaying teeth, you suffer a slow death of malnutrition. The dentists of IHE saved them.


Facial deformities and cleft palates afflict millions annually across the globe, but in rural areas of India, these abnormalities can be deemed a curse by the gods, bringing shame to a family and leaving children locked away for life. Operation Smile chose Guwahati, India, a place seldom visited international medical teams, to be a hub for free facial surgeries.

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