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Just Keep Swimming

Just Keep Swimming
Cindy Kolbe


Publication date is December 15, 2022.

JUST KEEP SWIMMING: A CRASH, A QUEST, AND WAVES OF HOPE tells the true story of a mom’s crisis, a daughter’s paralysis, and incredible travels that carry them from a small town in Ohio to Harvard, Capitol Hill, and around the world.

After a car accident, a heartsick mom battles depression and guilt while a shy but determined teenager fights the harsh physical challenges of quadriplegia. Fourteen-year-old Beth believes everything will be okay. Cindy feels sure that nothing will ever be okay again.

Together they embark on an extraordinary journey of change and reinvention to create a new normal. Cindy and Beth find joy in unlikely adventures—riding the wave to the end of an era that leaves them transformed. As Beth knew the night of the accident, everything really is okay.

Hope is an incredibly powerful thing. And if you never give up? Hope wins.

“JUST KEEP SWIMMING is a breathtaking story of grit and the power of possibility. This book is a must read on how we can all better serve as champions to help people realize their full potential. Just Keep Swimming inspired me to write my first book and it changed my life: as a mother, author, and sports executive.”

Kara Buckley, Co-Author, Pure Grit: Stories of Remarkable People Living with Physical Disability and Senior Advisor, U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee

“We can live without many things but living without hope is damn near impossible. Cindy and Beth’s story reminds us that no matter the circumstances or diagnosis, with hope and love, joy is possible, and life is worth living. I am simultaneously challenged and inspired by their shared journey.”

Terry McGuire, Founder of Giving Voice to Depression

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