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First, Eat Your Frog

First, Eat Your Frog
by Elizabeth Kagan Arleo


First, Eat Your Frog by Elizabeth Kagan Arleo will launch as part of our celebration of International Women’s day 2023.

This meticulously referenced book presents eight lessons (or “pearls”) learned by a successful woman in medicine–Dr. Elizabeth Kagan Arleo. Benefits to the reader include improved work-life integration; more easeful relationships at work with colleagues and at home with family; better time management in both spheres; and core tenets for thriving as a professional working mother.

The chapters cover eight key lessons the author learned in her ongoing journey as a professional working mother, including:

  1. Eat your frog
  2. 168 hours: you actually have more time that you think
  3. If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail
  4. Remember the pre-meeting meeting
  5. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good
  6. Stop apologizing unnecessarily
  7. It doesn’t hurt to ask politely
  8. Have a growth mindset

Elizabeth Arleo’s First, Eat Your Frog gives ample credit to the authors and mentors who inspired the lessons and provides explicit guidance–and highly entertaining stories–to help readers move toward work-life balance.


“If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.”

Mark Twain quote posted in the author’s office

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