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A Thousand Paper Cuts: A Therapist, Her Narcissist, His Trap

Heather Boorman-Morris, MSW, LCSW


Go inside the mind, heart, and experiences of a victim of covert narcissistic abuse.

With raw vulnerability, Heather shares her personal story, from love bombing to devaluing to freedom, highlighting the destructiveness an abuser can have without ever raising his fist.

In A Thousand Paper Cuts, Heather gives voice for all those who can’t speak, shining light into the dark corners of their lives to let them know they are not alone. Through her personal experiences and professional expertise, she raises awareness of the abuse cycle, covert psychological manipulation, and joins other advocates to shift society’s narrative away from victim-blaming and toward holding abusers accountable.

Most importantly, she brings hope and shows that freedom is possible.

Heather Boorman-Morris has dedicated her life to ease suffering and nurture healing through sharing her personal stories and professional wisdom as an author, speaker, teacher, and therapist.

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