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by Tim Rayborn


As Halloween draws near, Qwyrk and company are abruptly reminded of just how screwed-up everything can get. Qwyrk and Holly are literally being driven apart by magical forces they don’t understand, and their friends are in disarray. Then Holly goes missing and Qwyrk loses something else that’s almost as important, while the behind-the-scenes scheming comes to the fore at last. And who is the mysterious, ancient figure in red that seems to know all and see all, but annoyingly, won’t talk about it?

Traitors abound, old friends return, sides will be picked, and the final battle between good and evil will rage. To stop the actual end of the world from happening, Qwyrk might have to make a decision that will change her life forever.

FAYTTE is the final book in a series of four novels about the comic misadventures of a group of misfits at the edge of normal reality.

Described as a “literary raconteur” and a “virtuoso,” Tim Rayborn denies everything, but it’s true he’s a versatile writer and an acclaimed musician. He’s written dozens of books, appeared on more than forty recordings, plays many musical instruments, and has visited five continents.

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