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The Sweetness of Venus

Publication date was February 14, 2021. This groundbreaking history of the clitoris was the debut book for Armin Lear’s Wild Pansy imprint. The book won gold from the IBPA for its contribution to women’s issues.

The book is the product of years of research by first-time author Sarah Chadwick who interviewed, and was reviewed by, some of the leading authorities in the field of human sexuality.

For millennia, scientists thought women were inside-out versions of men, and male anxiety about female sexuality generated ludicrous

ideas and perpetuated inaccurate information.

THE SWEETNESS OF VENUS s is a provocative, straight-talking history that exposes the

denial, misunderstanding, brutality, and lies endured by this taboo part of human anatomy. It challenges Western culture’s definition

of female sexuality and will have you laughing out loud, shouting “clitoris!” with abandon, and championing sex equality and pleasure for all.

In recommending the book for health and women’s history holdings, Diane Donovan, Senior Review, Midwest Book Review, notes, “This lively, engaging tone is unexpected and welcome, allowing non-history readers and those with little background in the subject to engage on a more personal and passionate level.”

Foreword Review’s Ashley Holstrom writes, “A fun, straight talking history of the clitoris, The Sweetness of Venus is a win for feminism.”

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