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Wild Pansy Releases The Sweetness of Venus on Valentine’s Day

New Imprint of Armin Lear Debuts with A History of the Clitoris

Boulder, CO — February 14, 2021 — The Sweetness of Venus: A History of the Clitoris by Sarah Chadwick has been released by Wild Pansy, a new imprint of Armin Lear Press.

The book is the product of years of research by first-time author Chadwick who interviewed, and was reviewed by, some of the leading authorities in the field of human sexuality.

The author takes readers on a romp through history, spotlighting misconceptions, fabrications, and discoveries about the clitoris. Relying on sound science, and offering fascinating stories throughout history, Chadwick entertains as vividly as she informs.

In recommending the book for health and women’s history holdings, Diane Donovan, Senior Review, Midwest Book Review, notes, “This lively, engaging tone is unexpected and welcome, allowing non-history readers and those with little background in the subject to engage on a more personal and passionate level.”

Foreword Review’s Ashley Holstrom writes, “A fun, straight-talking history of the clitoris, The Sweetness of Venus is a win for feminism.”

Dr. Sunny Rodgers, doctor of human sexuality and clinical sexologist, states, “This book eloquently answers all the questions we’ve wondered about. Chadwick tells the story of the clitoris in an enlightening, amusing, and knowledgeable way.”

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