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The Jenishe Stones

The Jenishe Stones
Gregg Hammond


Ancient people spoke of sacred places where Earth and heaven intersect. We never know when or where these elusive passages might appear. Such a threshold was once revealed to Greta Beck, a young German Baptist Brethren wife, before she journeyed to America with her husband, Oscar.

This otherworldly experience is just the beginning for three generations of the Beck German immigrants. Follow Greta and her family as they toil through farm life, technological changes, a pandemic, racial discrimination, the Great Depression, two world wars, and other dramatic events during the first half of the twentieth century. Through all the hardships and loss, Greta maintains her stalwart dedication to family and God—along with just a touch of stubborn curiosity. Will her faith and her mysterious encounter from long ago be enough to protect her and her family in this rapidly changing, tumultuous new world?

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