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12 Tools For Managing A Selfish Leader

Josefine Campbell
12 Tools For Managing A Selfish Leader


Join Marie as she evolves her skills to handle her selfish boss and undergoes a remarkable transformation as a manager. Explore her journey and gain insights into dealing with selfish leadership.

Based on a true story, the narrative provides 12 essential tools for getting back to yourself to tackle selfish leadership dynamics, rediscovering your true self at work, and fueling your personal energy.

As an exceutive coach, the author has a deep knowledge into what work life is really like for people in multinational corrporations, and how to deal with real challenges at work.

Embark on a path of self-discovery and empowerment. Unlock your true potential in your career. Marie’s story is a guide to breaking free from selfish leadership and reclaiming the whole person in the workplace.

After reading the book, I have become much more aware of how selfish leadership can “slip” into employees and into the workplace culture. Selfish Leadership can end up causing significant harm if it is allowed to be accepted. Many people will likely recognize themselves in these situations and should consider whether they always speak up in time.
Peter Strand, Operations Director, McDonald’s Denmark

When I – as a leader – read the book, I am constantly reminded of the underlying responsibility leaders have for our employees – our behavior affects the whole person, not just their work life. The episodes described in the book are relevant and easily relatable to similar events throughout my career. I highly recommend the book because it inspires and motivates leaders to continue developing their own and the organization’s leadership. A compelling narrative is combined with new theoretical examples and concrete tools.
Claus Jeppesen, People Director, Legoland

This book can be read by everyone in an organization – to everyone’s advantage. It provides a good insight into the personal development journey that the main character, Marie, goes through. I especially liked the focus on the “energy barometer” and the concrete tools that Marie is given to work with – they can be used both professionally and privately.
Karin Odum, Director of Global Marketing and Branding at Novonesis

Josefine Campbell is an executive coach and founder of Campbell Co, a top leadership development consulting firm for multinational companies. www.josefinecampbell.com.

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