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The Chase Continues

The Chase Continues
Charles Lowenhaupt


The Chase Continues by Charles Lowenhaupt – Publication date was November 22, 2022.

Charles Lowenhaupt helped readers begin the chase for freedom from wealth with his first book, built on it with his second, and now helps his maturing readers continue the chase into old age.

The Chase Continues is a guidebook to following your dreams and achieving self-actualization throughout the final phase of life, despite the challenges of old age. You may be thinking about how to continue the chase for yourself, or you may be thinking about how to help others—parents, clients, those for whom you feel some responsibility—fulfill their dreams. In every case, starting now is not likely too soon.

Chapter by chapter, Lowenhaupt helps readers explore the critical topics related to living life well in later years as well as establishing meaningful ways to sweeten life for others. He focuses on

  • Setting priorities
  • Living well as your brain ages
  • Selecting experts for your support team
  • Planning for health challenges
  • Where to life out your life
  • Loving in late life
  • Balancing independence, control, and safety in staying mobile
  • Enjoying travel and navigating the risks of it
  • Enhancing and protecting your reputation
  • Continuing to provide value as you age
  • Managing collections of valued objects
  • Engaging with civic and social commitments
  • Obituaries, funerals, and legacy

Charles A. Lowenhaupt

Charles A. Lowenhaupt is a recognized leader and wealth counselor for ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families around the world. He is Chairman and Partner of Lowenhaupt & Chasnoff, LLC, the first US law firm to concentrate in tax law and established by his grandfather in 1908. Charles is also the Founder and Director of Lowenhaupt Global Advisors Australia, a family office based in Sydney.

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