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No Todos Son Buenos

Publication date for hardcover and paperback is December 8, 2022.

NO TODOS SON BUENOS is the Spanish language edition of the bestselling NOT EVERYONE IS NICE. It is Armin Lear’s first foray into publishing a foreign language book for a global audience.

Kathy is waiting for her mother outside of school when a strange car approaches. The smiling man inside offers to drive Kathy home, suggesting that her mother may be hurt or sick. Just before Kathy is ready to climb in, her mother arrives and the man speeds off. Kathy is confused and hurt that the nice man would leave so quickly.

Later that night, Kathy’s parents use examples from nature of pretty but lethal plants and fish to show her that animals and people that look or seem nice may be very dangerous.

Translated by the team of Claudia Mazzucco, Gina Cavallaro, and Ana Maria Mardones, NO TODOS SON BUENOS teaches children what to do if a stranger approaches and reminds them that looking or acting nice doesn’t mean a person is safe.

This “stranger danger” book has been lauded for the past 18 years for its effective, yet gentle, teaching of how to keep children alert to threats posed by adults with ill intent.

Illustrator C.S. Fritz brings a wealth of experience illustrating children’s books to the project and is, in fact, the cover designer for most of Armin Lear’s titles.

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