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One Minute to Midnight

One Minute to Midnight by Vincent dePaul Lupiano

One Minute to Midnight
by Vincent dePaul Lupiano


Publication date was December 8, 2020. One Minute to Midnight by Vincent dePaul Lupiano is a contemporary thriller that was the debut novel for our Thousand Acres imprint. It was followed by DEADLIGHT in February 2022.

Rayne Foster is on a covert mission to surveil the estate of Florida mafia boss, Donato “Cheese” Chesario. Photographing from a tree in a violent thunderstorm, she spots a camo-clad intruder sneaking into the mobster’s estate using a grappling hook. His intent: steal a box stamped with a Nazi swastika containing an enigmatic object Chesario brought back from Germany after WWII. Fatal complications slam Rayne with blistering surprise when a rogue FBI agent and his nefarious cohort known as the “Magician,” kill their way into the estate to also steal the box. But the object of everyone’s intent has disappeared—an item that, in the wrong hands, will have severe international consequences. Rayne senses her CIA field director has duped her. And as he intended, Rayne is now the bait. And she has no idea what is inside the box.

Vincent dePaul Lupiano

Vincent dePaul Lupiano is the author of two novels under the pseudonym Christopher Sloan —In Search of Eagles, and The Wings of Death. Writing under his own name, he has published three non-fiction titles. These include: It Was a Very Good Year: A Cultural History of the United States from 1776 to 1996; Exploring IBM’s Bold Internet Strategy: An Inside Look at IBM’s Vision for Network Computing; and Operation Tidal Wave: The Bloodiest Air Battle in the History of War, a December 2020 release by Lyons Press.

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