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Vincent dePaul Lupiano


Deadlight by Vincent dePaul Lupiano – Publication date was February 22, 2022.

An unprecedented international political thriller that takes us behind today’s headlines, DEADLIGHT plunges us into intrigue, tension, and suspense. This sequel to Vincent dePaul Lupiano’s first Armin Lear novel, ONE MINUTE TO MIDNIGHT, is the second volume of The Rayne Foster Series.

Rayne Foster, a covert asset of the Special Operations Group, is caught in a plot to overthrow the United States government by capricious US National Guard commander General César DeJean. Codename: Deadlight.

Foster has forty-eight hours to acquire a phone containing encrypted codes that will launch an aerial electromagnetic attack and shut down the electrical system in the United States—leading the way for DeJean’s unprecedented hammer stroke. Where is the phone? How to acquire and survive a nefarious plan to assassinate Foster and disable that phone before it is too late?

Complicating the plot: millionairess Elora Sinner and her intense attraction to the beautiful Rayne. Is the phone in Sinner’s possession? If so, where must Rayne Foster’s moral compass go to get it? How must she engage Elora to get the job done?

“You can exhaust the thriller thesaurus on this novel. Deadlight is a heart-pounding, page-turning tour de force that, like a symphony orchestra, moves with unrelenting power and unique tone. Filled with never-forget villains, twisty plot turns, and characters that live long after the last page. One never doubts the absolute reality Vincent dePaul Lupiano creates on every page. The writing has white-hot kinetic energy all its own. Visceral. Written with the grace of a literary novel.”

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