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On Our Toes in Frankfurt

Armin Lear’s beautiful corner booth at the Frankfurt Book Fair (October 18-22, 2023) had plenty of action, with the weekend highlight being a contest to win the full set of Tim Rayborn’s urban fantasy books, Qwyrk Tales. But wait: Along with the celebration, we had a constant reminder that our friends in Israel needed to stay on guard, even at the Fair. Our booth was across the aisle from eBook-Pro, with whom we developed a great working relationship starting with our acquisition of Dr. Yaniv Zaid’s book, The 21st Century Sales Bible: Mastering the 10 Commandments of Marketing, Negotiation & Persuasion. The police presence assigned to our neighbors by our German hosts was a stark reminder that being part of the international community carries with it a responsibility to look out for our allies around the world.

The Frankfurt Book Fair was a big success for Armin Lear, and it strengthened our commitment to bring the work of our authors to readers in every part of the world. With that in mind, our next post will be about our participation in the London Book Fair (March 12-14, 2024).

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