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Eric Hoffer Gold Medal Memoir!


Nabil was recently awarded gold by The Eric Hoffer Book Award committee for his memoir The Young Terrorist: Journey from Arab Militant to Proud American.

The award letter states, “Each winner was determined to be unique, worthy, and well produced in all aspects of writing and publishing.”

This is a big win for Nabil, and for the entire Armin Lear Press team, including our designers at Albatross and Nabil’s editor, Vincent dePaul Lupiano, who is also one of Armin Lear’s distinguished novelists.

The book is a gripping memoir: Nabil Khouri’s journey from Arab militant to proud American.

As a young boy growing up in Jordan in the 1960s, there were only two things he believed in: the power of his automatic rifle and the certainty that Western culture was evil. THE YOUNG TERRORIST recounts his transformation from a proud member of a Palestinian militia group to an even prouder American citizen.

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