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Kevin Ball

Kevin Ball found his way in the humanitarian world because he felt the need for change. Hollywood’s materialistic temperament was wearing on him. His career as a professional stuntman spanned over thirty years and it helped to prepare his mind and body for the hurdles of filming NGOs in developing nations, as well as giving him years of experience both in front of and behind the camera. Kevin decided to take his skills and advocate for those doing great things in the name of humanity.

Since his first trip in 2007 to the K-5 minebelt in Cambodia with Freedom Fields USA and the international humanitarian demining group, The HALO Trust, he hasn’t looked back. As of 2022, Kevin has had boots on the ground supporting NGOs in over thirty-five countries and has worked with the World Food Program, Operation Smile, The HALO Trust, International Health Emissaries, GUA Africa, Global Action for Children, and more. Acting as the personal film crew for Cindy McCain on her humanitarian missions, Kevin, with the assistance of his stunt buddy, John Evanko, accompanied her to Southeast Asia to document segments to be used during John McCain’s run for Presidency of the United States in 2008. They then continued to travel with her, documenting her benevolent actions.

Kevin’s soapbox message, which he preaches often, is that “Humanity is simple one hand reaching out to help another hand in need, nothing more, nothing less.” With this message as his guiding light, he continues to speak out in the darkness and to be a voice for those silenced by unfortunate worldly circumstance and for those that are just trying to do what is right.

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In Heart of a Stuntman, Hollywood veteran Kevin Ball recounts his remarkable journey from film and TV sets to real-life drama in Cambodia, Vietnam, Kenya, Kosovo, Peru, Thailand, Guatemala, Dubai, and India.

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