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Yair Zivan

Armed with contributions from 35 prominent world figures, Yair Zivan produced the book, The Center Must Hold: Why centrism is the answer to extremism and polarization (a June 27, 2024 release). Yair served as foreign policy advisor to Yair Lapid, leader of Israel’s largest centrist political party since 2014. In addition to Lapid, Tony Blair, Michael Bloomberg, and many others of that caliber have contributed essays. What the book makes abundantly clear is that centrism isn’t just “I’m not right or left.” Centrism is based upon a clear set of ideals and principles: the importance of moderation and pragmatism; the embrace of complexity; the deep commitment to liberal democracy; the belief in equality of opportunity, and that through balancing the tensions that exist in every nation we can make people’s lives better. The first section of the book explores these ideas and the roots of centrism, and gets to work dealing head on with the challenges it faces; the second looks at some of the biggest issues confronting society today; the third shows how centrism can provide answers to specific policy areas; the fourth demonstrates how centrism works, with examples from across the world; and the fifth offers a path forward for the future.

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