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To Boldly Go…Where We Want to Go

These are the voyages of Armin Lear Press. Its every-year mission: to explore provocative new works, to seek out new authors and new perspectives, to boldly go where no publisher has gone before. Well, not exactly “no publisher,” but more like “most publishers.” Our growing band of authors is becoming more diverse all the time, in terms of culture, heritage, nationality, and native language. And our business activities have expanded into new arenas, such as licensing paperback rights for a successful hardcover book. Examples: We acquired the North American English rights to Dr. Yaniv Zaid’s The 21st Century Sales Bible. Dr. Zaid’s work is already popular with an Israeli audience, and we are thrilled to introduce his practical and unique thinking to a North American audience. The release date is October 2022. We have also published the paperback edition of The Empathy Advantage by Lynne Azarchi of Kidsbridge. The hardcover edition published by Rowman & Littlefield is a brisk seller, and the paperback makes this important book on teaching children empathy available to parents and teachers at a lower price point. We intend to keep on going—boldly!

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