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Author Team of Experts in Ayurveda, Vedic Health Practices, Meditation; Foreword by Dr. Tony Nader

Boulder, CO — November 2, 2020 — The Coherence Effect, publishing November 4, describes how to tap into the laws of nature to improve health, higher brain functioning and well-being.

The book is the product of years of research and practice by a powerhouse team of authors:

· Dr. Robert Keith Wallace’s postgraduate research at Harvard continued his pioneering research published in Science and Scientific American on the physiological effects of meditation. He is the author of several books on meditation and Ayurveda.

· Dr. Christopher Clark followed his residency at Yale’s Department of Psychiatry by pioneering the integration of Ayurvedic medicine into the practice of medicine and psychiatry; he is the author of Ayurvedic Healing—Contemporary Maharishi AyurVeda Medicine and Science.

· Jay B. Marcus has been a teacher of meditation for 45 years and has lectured extensively on drug abuse, prison reform, and meditation. He is the author of four prior books on Transcendental Meditation.

The authors begin by taking readers on a health and healing journey with an understanding of nature’s Second Law of Thermodynamics. It says that anything that is not alive increases in entropy(disorder or decay) over time. Cars and houses fall apart, computers break down, food not growing becomes rotten. The same natural tendency towards entropy affects the human body, but living organisms, alone, have the ability to generate inner order or coherence and thereby grow and evolve, stalling the decaying and disordering effect of the Second Law and producing good health.

According to Dr. Clark, “Modern medicine uses pharmaceuticals and treatments to create order and remedy particular disorders,” but he says, “133 million Americans have chronic diseases, so something is missing in what we do for health.” The authors demonstrate that the pursuit of lasting health involves applying this principle of generating coherence to what keeps people healthy on a daily basis—to what and how people eat, to meditation, exercise, and strategies for good sleep.

The book shows the meditation programs that increase brain wave coherence (and practical benefits), and Ayurveda’s programs for diet, exercise, Yoga, and better sleep, which also work by creating coherence in the brain and body.

The coherence effect is the healing effect in the body of generating coherence. An interview with author Marcus is at: https://enjoytmnews.org/tm-talks/the-coherence-effect/.

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