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Robert L. Saloschin

Robert L. Saloschin was born in 1920 in New York City and passed away at the age of 95 after an illustrious legal career, mainly in the US Department of Justice. At DOJ, he had earned the moniker “The Wizard of FOIA” for his leadership in implementation of the Freedom of Information Act. He completed Government of ALL the People just a year before his death.

His early assignments at DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel included civil rights, the Olympic Games, immigration, communications satellites, oil importation, racketeering, conscientious objectors, and airline hijacking. He was a member of a U.S. diplomatic delegation to a conference of 72 nations in the Hague to develop a treaty to extradite hijackers.

Honorable Award

In 1970, he became Chairman of the newly formed Freedom of Information Committee, and in 1978, Director of the Office of Information Law and Policy, advising federal agencies on openness and secrecy issues under FOIA.

During his decades at Justice, he worked directly with Attorneys General Kennedy, Katzenbach, Clark, and Rehnquist. Katzenbach openly credited Bob with stopping violence against the Freedom Riders by suggesting use of the existing statutory powers of the Interstate Commerce Commission, which prohibited discrimination in inter-state bus transportation.

Honorable Award

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