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Tim Rayborn


The first if the Qwyrk tales series, publication date was May 25, 2021. It was followed by LLUCK, CHANTZ, and FAYTTE.

QWYRK has drawn praise from bestselling author Peter S. Beagle, author of the classic fantasy, The Last Unicorn:

“Charming and funny, the characters are delightful. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.”

Qwyrk is having a bad day; several, in fact. One of the Shadow folk tasked with keeping an eye on humanity, she’s ready for a well-earned break in Yorkshire, but now she’s (literally) run into a girl, Jilly, who just saw something quite supernatural and truly awful happen in her town.

As Qwyrk tries to unravel the mystery, layers of villainy are exposed, and she’s stuck with an assortment of unlikely folk that she’d rather not have “helping” her. Together, they confront ancient magic, medieval conspiracies, and the possible end of the world (that again?). It’s not the holiday Qwyrk was hoping for!

Qwyrk is the first in a series of four novels about the adventures of a group of misfits at the edge of reality in modern northern England, a world of shadows, Nighttime Nasties, sorcery, intergalactic councils, tacky nightclub attire, an abundance of sarcasm, and even elves… though they are a bit silly.

Tim Rayborn lived in England for nearly seven years and has a PhD from the University of Leeds. He has written books and magazine articles about music, the arts, history, and business. He is the author of popular histories of macabre events, Beethoven’s Skull and Shakespeare’s Ear.

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