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Power Barometer

Power Barometer
Josefine Campbell


Publication date is November 9, 2023.

In Power Barometer: How to Manage Personal Energy for Business Success, Josefine Campbell gives steps to increase awareness and navigate between different states of mind—agile, mellow, narrow, fragile—to improve personal and team mental agility. Armin Lear Press launched the book at its booth at the Frankfurt Book Fair, October 18-22, 2023.

Filled with case studies and tools, Power Barometer details how to enhance your personal energy when managing or collaborating with others to become more mentally agile and productive.

“In this book, Josefine Campbell focuses on the essence of being a good leader—how can we become a better version of ourselves? The combination of optimizing energy and mental presence is a powerful message that many leaders will be able to use to become a better version of themselves.”

—Jesper Sabroe, Finance Vice President, Carlsberg Group

“Don’t ruin your career by getting ‘hijacked.’ I’ve seen it happen too many times to count. Talented, experienced people get fired every day for not managing their energy. The tools are simple. I’m recommending this book to all of our companies.”

— Clay Douglass, chair, Tarida Capital

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