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Men and Suprapubic Catheter

Publication date is September 12, 2022.

The relationship between men and catheters has been adversarial at best. For many men it is a horrible, necessary experience. The purpose of this guide is to try and peel away some of the mystery about living, short or long term, with one and to also try and make the experience more physically comfortable and less emotionally damaging to our self-image.

Mathius Mack Gertz has been a life-long collector of experiences. Wearing a catheter was not one of his favorites, but what he learned–the hard way–by having to do it inspired him to share every, single bit of practical information with other men faced with the same challenge.

As a general urologist with over 20 years of experience in private practice, I highly recommend Mr. Gertz’s Men and Suprapubic Catheter Survival Tips. Despite our expertise as surgeons, it is quite apparent that the urology community has fallen short on educating patients on the real-life issues associated with the long-term management of the SPT. This book does an excellent job of identifying these problems, and offers simple, practical, ingenious solutions that simply go overlooked in a busy urology practice. I think the recommendations are very medically sound, and I would highly recommend it for all my future patients who may need a long-term suprapubic tube. Very well done!!!

Dr. Shawn Blick Valley Urologic Associates A Division of AZCCC Phoenix, AZ

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