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Tim Rayborn


Publication date was November 24, 2021. This is the second book in the four-book Qwyrk Tales series.

All Qwyrk wanted was a few days of rest in the small town of Nettles in Yorkshire, but of course all goes wrong immediately. One of the shadow people, tasked with looking after the vulnerable of humanity, has been busy searching for supporters of the medieval sorcerer William de Soulis, whom she and her friends defeated last summer. Now, with the winter holidays approaching, she’d just like to take a break and visit her young human friend, Jilly Pleeth.

It turns out that Jilly and her not-so-imaginary friend Blip have met a remarkable boy named Lluck, who seems to be able to bend events to his favor. But Lluck is on the run, and someone— or something—awful is chasing him. Qwyrk and co. soon learn of an ancient spirit trying to make a comeback to our world in a big, and very bad way.

Qwyrk, Jilly, Blip, and their channeling friend, Star Tao, are confronted with a great evil poised to menace the world, stupid goblins with

an attitude and superpowers, a hapless would-be guardian of Leeds, and… bloody hell?

Tim Rayborn lived in England for nearly seven years and is the author of QWYRK and popular histories of macabre events.

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