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Killers on the Mountain

Killers on the Mountain Wilderness First Aid and Lore
Wayne Smart, EMT (cover C.S. Fritz)


Released August 4, 2021, this book by a wilderness guru goes deep. Other books covering wilderness first aid usually hit only the high points. For those who want a deeper understanding, this book contains a wider range of information on each subject. It spotlights the information on prevention of trauma and dealing with it effectively, as well as what treatments only make matters worse.


Snakebite: Identifying venomous snakes and avoiding them Treating snakebites-and how not to treat them

Acute Mountain Illness: Prevention, Symptoms, Treatment

Lightning: Warning signs, Firstaidforvictims

Avalanche: Safety protocols, Rescue

Hypothermia: Diagnosis, Treatment


And much more on prevention, treatment, and equipment!

US publication date was August 16, 2021.

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