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It’s Fun Being an Ant

As our team at Armin Lear grows, I have become increasingly aware of what it means to be on a team. I am a noble ant building a bridge with other noble ants. The challenge for a leader in the ant colony is to be clear in delivering guidance without ever being Bossypants. (“What’s the key?” she asked, leaning in to hear the wisdom of the elders.) Listen. Offer a thought, give a task description, ask a question—and then shut the one mouth and open the two ears. Everyone on a great team is respected as someone who adds value. And here’s another insight that seems to come with age and having been exposed to very successful people who were good spouses, good parents, good kids, and good friends: Deadlines keep us on track, however, they are not supposed to trap us on the track. Loving our work and delivering projects on time because we want to are the foundation for getting things done here at the house—and I don’t want that to ever change.

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