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Heiliger Bimbam!

Armin Lear Press is going to the Frankfurter Buchmesse. We will be connecting with publishers outside the US to discuss foreign rights/translation deals, audiobooks in many languages, expanded distribution of our books in many countries—and we’ll be having fun with colleagues around the world. In preparation, we are listening to children’s books in German (auf Deutsch) and so far, our favorite sentence is one we see as COVID-pandemic related. It comes from the classic tale Chicken Little, which is so artfully told by The German Project (https://www.thegermanproject.com/stories/chicken-little). Please treat yourself to their Henry Hühnchen so you know what to yell when the masks and the hand sanitizers are driving you crazy: Der Himmel stürzt ein! (The sky is falling!) And by the way, the title of this blog post means “Holy cow!”

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