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Christopher Clark, MD

Dr. Chris Clark is a graduate of Yale Medical School and did his residency at Yale in the Department of Psychiatry. Chris has pioneered the integration of Ayurvedic medicine into the practice of medicine and psychiatry since 1985. He studied one on one with leading experts of Ayurvedic medicine in consultation with patients for 15 years.

While absorbing the knowledge of Ayurveda, especially pulse diagnosis and herbal pharmacopeia, he wrote two books on Ayurveda, most recently Ayurvedic Healing–Contemporary Maharishi Ayurveda Medicine and Science (Singing Dragon Press, 2012). He was the founding medical director of The Raj, America’s premier Ayurvedic health treatment facility for the purification treatments of panchakarma, stress management, Yoga, and marma therapy. Currently he is the director for wellbeing initiatives and digital development for Garten, a leading Silicon Valley innovator for nutrition, technology and wellness in the workplace.

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