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The Changing Geopolitics of Central Asia and the Caucasus

The Changing Geopolitics of Central Asia and the Caucasus Svante E. Cornell   The geopolitical environment surrounding Central Asia and the Caucasus has changed dramatically over the past decade, with important implications for American and European interests. Regional and great powers have accorded the region ever greater attention, and the regional states themselves have developed […]

12 Tools For Managing A Selfish Leader

Josefine Campbell 12 Tools For Managing A Selfish Leader   Join Marie as she evolves her skills to handle her selfish boss and undergoes a remarkable transformation as a manager. Explore her journey and gain insights into dealing with selfish leadership. Based on a true story, the narrative provides 12 essential tools for getting back […]

The Jenishe Stones

The Jenishe Stones Gregg Hammond   Ancient people spoke of sacred places where Earth and heaven intersect. We never know when or where these elusive passages might appear. Such a threshold was once revealed to Greta Beck, a young German Baptist Brethren wife, before she journeyed to America with her husband, Oscar. This otherworldly experience […]

Deepwater Deception

Deepwater Deception: The Truth about the Tragic Blowout & Perversion of American Justice Robert Kaluza   It’s an adventure, an investigation, and a manhunt. The book divulges the reason for the Deepwater Horizon tragedy and gives the reader evidence to identify the people responsible for causing it. It is the story of a rig supervisor […]

Men and Suprapubic Catheter Survival Tips

Men and Suprapubic Catheter Survival Tips Mathius Mack Gertz   The relationship between men and catheters has been adversarial at best. The purpose of this guide is to try and peel away some of the mystery about living, short or long term, with one and to also try and make the experience more physically comfortable […]

Gaza Conflict 2021

Gaza Conflict 2021: Hamas, Israel and Eleven Days of War Jonathan Schanzer   The May 2021 conflict between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas generated headlines around the world. However, much of the reporting ignored the history, funding, political dynamics, and other key components of the story. Wars in Gaza erupt every few years. But […]

Killers on the Mountain

Killers on the Mountain Wilderness First Aid and Lore Wayne Smart, EMT (cover C.S. Fritz)   Released August 4, 2021, this book by a wilderness guru goes deep. Other books covering wilderness first aid usually hit only the high points. For those who want a deeper understanding, this book contains a wider range of information […]

The Center Must Hold

The Center Must Hold Yair Zivan, Editor   Division in society. The spread of misinformation. The rise of extremism. Centrism holds the answers. In an age of complex global challenges, extremism and populism offer a simple but fatally flawed narrative to a public craving a sense of normalcy. There is another way. Centrism has proven […]

Body Talk Animated

Body Talk Animated James O. Pyle and Maryann Karinch   Parents, teachers, school psychologists, and—most importantly—big kids reviewed Body Talk Animated and love it. Why? It’s a FUN way to learn body language: Face                 Upper body                  Navel down And after you get good with the FUN stuff, you explore the world of animated films—and learn […]

Countering Antisemitism & Hate

Countering Antisemitism & Hate by Lynne Azarchi   A How-To Guide for Youth (8-18), Family & Educators Authors Lynne Azarchi, author of The Empathy Advantage and Dr. Harlene Lichter Galen, offer this thought at the opening of the book: “Let’s heed the need to prepare our children to stop the cycles of hate, tropes, and […]