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The Changing Geopolitics of Central Asia and the Caucasus

The Changing Geopolitics of Central Asia and the Caucasus Svante E. Cornell   The geopolitical environment surrounding Central Asia and the Caucasus has changed dramatically over the past decade, with important implications for American and European interests. Regional and great powers have accorded the region ever greater attention, and the regional states themselves have developed […]

12 Tools For Managing A Selfish Leader

Josefine Campbell 12 Tools For Managing A Selfish Leader   Join Marie as she evolves her skills to handle her selfish boss and undergoes a remarkable transformation as a manager. Explore her journey and gain insights into dealing with selfish leadership. Based on a true story, the narrative provides 12 essential tools for getting back […]

The Jenishe Stones

The Jenishe Stones Gregg Hammond   Ancient people spoke of sacred places where Earth and heaven intersect. We never know when or where these elusive passages might appear. Such a threshold was once revealed to Greta Beck, a young German Baptist Brethren wife, before she journeyed to America with her husband, Oscar. This otherworldly experience […]

Hank Rattler and the Secret of the Cave of Kings

Hank Rattler and the Secret of the Cave of Kings by Ardyth Brott   Twelve-year-old Hank Rattler lives alone in his empty house in the countryside. Mrs. Plunkett lives next door and cares for him in the absence of his parents. Hank and his classmates, Ruby Basher and Sam Benedetto, win their Grade 8 Science […]


BANKHAUS by Neil Giarratana   Anulka Lorenzini is Head of Wealth Management at Bankhaus Finsler, a private bank in Zurich. Lorenzini’s clients represent, in part, a world of hidden, ill-gotten money. Her secret contempt for this dark side of the banking business is stronger than her attempts to remain outwardly who she actually is: a […]

Hunger Hijack

Hunger Hijack by David Sherer, MD   Dr. David Sherer provides compelling evidence for a paradigm shift on how we understand the complex interplay between hypothalamic inflammation and the hormones of hunger and fullness. — Ronald Kotler MD FACP FCCP FAASM Prof of Clinical Medicine, U of PA Preventable diseases are skyrocketing. Even our brains […]


Fear/Less: Why Your Lifelong Fears Are Probably Groundless Wojciech Janicki, Editor   Our social environment operates based on imaginary orders to organize us – a set of beliefs that don’t stem from the world of science but from a collective, often informal, social contract. These beliefs and convictions define what is proper and reasonable and […]

Smash Hit

Race, Crime, and Culture in Boxing Films by David Curcio   Cinema emerged alongside the rules that ushered in boxing’s modern age and the “squared circle” proved the ideal stage for cinematic display. The public had its first taste of the new medium in 1894 through a heavyweight bout, recognized today as the world’s first […]

The Eight Sources of Power

A Tale of Leading with Purpose by David C. Bauman   The book is a historically-based story that follows Tao and his four classmates as they join the Siam Leadership Academy in Ayutthaya, the capital of Siam (modern day Thailand). In 1687, Ayutthaya is more populous than London and full of foreign and local intrigue. […]

The Most Dangerous Business Book You’ll Ever Read

The Most Dangerous Business Book You’ll Ever Read by Phillip C. “Dr. Phil” McGraw, PhD   From the Foreword “The Most Dangerous Business Book You’ll Ever Read. Now that is a provocative title and I’ll bet it made you ask yourself a lot of questions. Dangerous for whom? In what way? Will the results be […]