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Carlos D. Torres, Ph.D

Carlos D. Torres, Ph.D. is an anthropologist of societal communication and transformation, an interdisciplinary field that intersects with public sphere theory and research, and the comparatively new field of social informatics. In practice, he meshes the first-hand testimony and life histories of individuals with the big story of societal evolution(s) documented through visual, oral, and written expression. He has spent years researching the ways Maya people have adapted media technologies to tell their history derived from collective colonial memories, shared experiences living in a modern globalized world, and the deep well of Maya cosmology and cultural inscription. His research in Chiapas, Mexico, included the documentation of an emergent mediascape, and the political activism represented by the insurgent group known as the Zapatistas—a group responsible for what has been defined as the first netwar.

Honorable Award

Professor Torres brings a lifetime of diverse work experience into his classrooms including early screenwriting work and documentary filmmaking. His diverse lived experience remains an asset in his work as a writer and teacher and enables him to cross into transmedia production when called for to help produce media with unique outlooks and narrative creativity. His teaching has also been enriched by interdisciplinary post-doctoral research working as an adjunct professor in seven different departments at Sonoma State University and U.C. Berkeley. He continues to work with student cohorts from freshmen to retired folks, students of all ages. He has articles published in the American Anthropologist, the flagship academic journal of anthropologists worldwide, has written blogs and media reviews, and has produced documentary media.

Honorable Award

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